Interview Revista K - La Prensa - May 2019


Welcome to my website!

I am a Dutch painter who recently moved back the the Netherlands after living and painting in Panama for 4 years. The nature and beauty of this country was completely overwhelming and inspired me on a daily basis. Our family was lucky enough to live surrounded by tropical rainforest and never in my life before, did I see such a myriad of flora and fauna in our garden alone! For somebody who already enjoyed drawing and painting flowers and birds growing up, this was paradise. I hope to carry the inspiration from the tropics with me, for the rest of my life.

I mostly paint with oils on canvas. Although I also love to paint portraits (especially of children - I just love to try and capture the pureness in their eyes) I am currently working mostly on nature paintings. Feel free to
get in touch for prices of original artwork or other information. Reproductions, prints and other products can be bought through Fine Art America. In the mean time, more of my work can be found on my Instagram profile:

Warm regards, Renée